Best of CuriousCat Questions & Answers for June

Updated: Sep 28

For those of you who don't know I have a CuriousCat profile, a place where people an anonymously ask me any kind of question they want. Below are some of the best questions people have asked so far along with my replies:

Have men approached you in public/private asking you to show it, have you or how do you answer?

When I used to go to clubs, I purposely made my bulge more apparent to women (I'm straight). Ironically men approach me more than women. They would ask what I was packing down there, or offer to fuck... like straight out of no where. I'd let them know I'm straight and thank them for the compliment. I'd have some dudes move on, but there were always a few who thought I was playing "hard to get" or something and they'd keep pressuring me and offering to buy me drinks. Newsflash: no one is playing hard to get. If they don't like you, then they don't like you.

Do you ever wear spandex in public? Cycling maybe, running?

I did once while at a gym... I got kicked out because people complained. Jealousy is wild.

Whats the most you have masturbated in a day?

One time I had the flu and they only way I found i felt better was to cum. It took away my headache and made me feel so much better - I jerked off about once an hour for 8 hours until I literally had no more cum left. Then I had the best sleep ever!

Have you ever wished that your cock just continuously grow?

I wish that I had a "switch" or something.. make it grow as BIG as I wanted, when I wanted. And then as small as I wanted, when I wanted. I'd go small for things like running, working out.. but big for fucking, or whenever I wanted it to be noticeable ;)

I read somewhere that your penis gets smaller when you get a lot older, is this something that bothers you?

No, because even if I got smaller, I'd still be WAY bigger than the average dick.

If you were offered to go in the gay porn industry you would??

It would depend on the money...

Do you want your dick to get bigger and what size do you want it to be?

Yes! I just want to beat the world record. I know there is some guy 18 or so inches, but his dick is not usable. So a usable 14 inches would be what I want!

Have you ever swallowed your own cum if so does it taste good and do you like it?

I have and I got to be honest, I really don't like it. Girls have said they LOVE it! But something about drinking my own cum... weirds me out lol

Have you ever jerked off to your own pictures or videos of your giant cock?

All the time actually. I get turned on by the thought of how HUGE I've gotten and how big it is compared to myself. Most of the videos and pictures on my website I've jerked off too, if we're being honest :p

Got a question, too? Comment here or send it to me on CuriousCat!

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