Best of CuriousCat Questions & Answers for May

Updated: Aug 26

For those of you who don't know I have a CuriousCat profile, a place where people an anonymously ask me any kind of question they want. Below are some of the best questions people have asked so far along with my replies:

Have you ever walked down the street then, without warning, had your huge beast go as hard as a rock?

Lol no. It doesn't happen that fast. But I have been grinded on and slowly gotten harder and harder under my dress pants so much so that the girl asked if I was shoving a beer bottle down my pants.

What's the best part about having a dick your size?

Self-sucking. I fucking LOVE to suck myself.

When did you start to realize it was growing out of control? 21? 22?

Yes, around 20 years old is when I started noticing inch long growth spurts almost per year.

Would you ever fuck a guy for money?

I actually get this question a lot. I would not, unless I was in an official porn movie or something.

List your top 3 turn-on's.

1. Confidence

2. Whispering sexy things in my ear

3. Huge boobs/ hourglass figure

How much can you fit inside a girl?

That depends on the girl. Sometimes not at all and other times about half of it. Lube is my best friend when I'm trying to fuck.

Has anyone ever managed to deep throat the entire thing?

Not at this size. I was 9 inches the first time I was ever deep throated. I never experienced it after that.

Have you ever tried anal with a girl?

I asked 2 different girls if they wanted to try and was instantly turned down by both. I mean, normal sex is already tight enough so I don't really crave anal to be honest.

What's probably the most interesting/weirdest phrase someone has used to describe your cock?

There's a few I remember off the top of my head:

"It looks like my ex's - but on STEROIDS!"

"What!? Are you a centaur??"

"Give me that eggplant cock!"

"It's like a baby's leg!"

Do you like to enjoy it's massive weight on your stomach sometimes?

I do! It it's nice and warm too. I also love rolling over on my stomach and pressing against my body weight down against it and grinding on the bed... gives me the chills and feels so good.

Do you think growing a horse cock was the best thing to happen to you?

Well I had no choice; it just happened. I do love it though! Although doing somethings like using the toilet or finding a girl that it can fit into sucks, I do love having a giant dong.

When you watch porn do you laugh at how small normal ones are?

I do find it funny when a video is titled something like, "Huge cock pounding!" and it's just a big 7 inch dick. Same with the subreddit group r/MassiveDicks (or whatever it is). Almost 98% of the posts are guys smaller than 8 inches and not even thick. I think we all need to get our definitions standardized. For example, to me average is 5-6 inches, big is 7-9 inches, huge is 10-11 inches, massive is anything above that.

What’s your fetish?

I have a few that come to mind actually:

1. Exhibitionism

2. Role Play

3. Cock Worshiping (being worshiped)

When did you start to get big? Was it in high school? Also when was the last time your dick had a growth spurt?

I noticed my dick was bigger than others in the locker room. I was around a junior in high school. The last time I had any growth was about 2 years ago... I miss growing.

What are some of the experiences you've had in the locker room?

There was one specific instance where I was changing after weight lifting class and was just in my boxers. As I was grabbing my clothes out of my locker, my friend at the time asked me out loud, "Dude, why are you wearing a jockstrap cup for?" A few other guys turned and looked. I was confused I said that I wasn't wearing one. Then I looked down and saw my big bulge. I looked back up and he embarrassingly turned the other way and didn't say another word.

In high school did people know you had a bigger dong, how was that like?

I have a friend who I hang out with still who knows I'm huge. He's always been pretty cool about it. Ironically, I felt like a weirdo in high school when I noticed I had a huge bulge compared to other guys. Like everyone else, I wanted to be accepted and fit in, so being a freak with a big dick always made me self-conscious. Now, though, I feel like I'm making up for lost time where I should have been showing it off more back in the day.

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