Best of CuriousCat Questions & Answers for September

For those of you who don't know I have a CuriousCat profile, a place where people an anonymously ask me any kind of question they want. Below are some of the best questions people have asked so far along with my replies:

I bet ur dick is heavy haha, does that ever be a problem to you?

It is! So much cock meat to handle. It's not really a problem, just can get annoying sometimes to maneuver in my pants like when I work out or run. Compression shorts help a bit though.

When you’re at work, if you feel a woody coming on, what do you do about it?

Well with COVID, I've been lucky enough to work from home, so if I get hard at home I just handle it ;) Back in the office, though, it takes a while to even get hard in the first place so I had some time to thinking about something else or just getting really involved with work. I couldn't go walking around with a baseball bat down my leg, now could I?

When you were having your growth spurts, did you think that wasn’t normal? Did you go to the doctor about it?

Yea, I was actually scared for a while before I decided to go to my doctor to get checked out. He was very professional and we ran a lot of tests and everything always came back within normal ranges. He concluded that I'm a health man with just a abnormally large penis - I believe his words were.

Would you ever consider using a cock pump to bloat your cock up to even fatter proportions?

Yes, never found one big enough to fit me though.

How many people have u fucked?

Depends on what you mean as "fucked." Vaginally is 35 in my lifetime. Orally only, about 10. I've never have done anal.

When was the first time u had sex?

I was 18 years old and about 7/8 inches around then.

Hey! Just wondering what you wear if you go to the pool? Guess speedos are out of the question.

Ha! I used to before it got so massive. Speedos are DEFINITELY out of the question lol

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