Blessing or a Curse? - Interview with a Huge Dick, Part 7

Hello my monster cock fans. Another question I get almost daily is whether or not having a dick my size is a blessing or a curse. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love my cock. I love everything about it: it's weight, color, length, girth... we've been through so much together and it's always been there for me. But the real answer is, it's both. Curse One of the downsides of being almost the size of a horse is using the restroom. I mentioned this before in other posts, but going #2 is not as easy as you would think. Simply hanging it off the edge of the toilet seat is not the answer. I have to constantly balance the two activities of what happens during a #2. Hopefully, I will be able to purchase a longer toilet in the future to accommodate my size a little better. Another downside is something else I've mentioned in a blog post, having sex. Although it's one of the best feelings to whip out my elephant trunk dick, some girls just won't try it. They say things like, "It's too big" or "you'll break me!" and don't even want to try. I've had some pretty hot girls who refused to try anything... even hold it. Also, swimming is completely out of the picture in my life now. Granted, I was never Michael Phelps, but I did enjoy going to the pool or hot tub now and then. My bulge has gotten so large now, that it looks creepy when it shows in places around family members, especially kids running around. I don't feel like showing off around family - only to adults like you all. So I haven't been to a pool in a VERY long time. Blessing As with everything in life, there are some positives though! Like I said before, jerking off is incredible with this beast. Not only that, but being able to self-suck and enjoy myself in ways others would only dream of makes me feel incredibly blessed. Although I said some women refused me, there are women who are cock obsessed and want bigger dicks. I have a few good fuck buddies who love my cock even though some of them can't even get it to fit. They get off on the process of trying to fit it or just playing with something so huge in their hands. So I'm not completely sex-less! Also the major confidence boost I have from possessing this beast cock is amazing. Ever since I knew I was bigger than others growing up, I remember not worrying about a lot in life. Not saying average-dicked guys don't have confidence, I'm just saying that my cock has helped give me a boost. Well, hopefully this helped give you some answers about what life is like being extraordinarily hung. There are both annoying things, but also amazing things about it. As always, please comment with more questions or feel free to ask anonymously on my CuriousCat account and ask there.

Stay safe out there!

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