Clothes Shopping - Interview with a Huge Dick, Part 2

Updated: Mar 13

So one of the things I didn’t consider when I first started growing is how it would affect my everyday life. I was just so excited for my dick to get bigger and bigger that I didn’t really think about some of the more problematic aspects of being humongous. The number one “issue” I have with being this horse-hung is clothing. Its something I never thought about when I was smaller because, like most guys, I never really “showed” unless I was hard. But when I started getting close to 7” soft (bigger than most guys hard), I realized that my bulge was showing all the time - and especially when I would get semi or hard.

Shopping for clothes sucks. I think some guys might be able to relate if they’re too tall or to heavy, but for me all of my extra size is one area: right between my legs. I used to wear boxers all the time, but when I got about 6” soft I started flopping out of them everywhere all the time, so then I switched to compression shorts, which I’m still using today.

My size has definitely impacts my morning routine when I’m getting dressed. I always wear compression shorts underneath, to sort of hold it down and secure it because it’s heavy, sort of like how women wear sports bras for their boobs, and I always pack it to the left and let it hang out there. It reaches just above midway down my thigh, roughly. For work, I’m required to wear business suits. I prefer khakis or darker colors, which hide my bulge better, and bigger jackets that can go down past my waist, just in case something were to happen. I’m cautious because it’s weird to have my bulge out at work. I don’t want people to keep focusing on that while I’m trying to sell them a multimillion-dollar deal. Things are pretty different on the weekend, though. I usually wear pajamas or sweatpants or boxers to let hang; it’s restricted a lot throughout the week, so it deserves to be free. It hangs a lot bigger and heavier if I’m around the house, definitely over halfway down my thigh. I can’t wear Speedos obviously, and those old 70’s basketball shorts are definitely a no-no. I try to buy jeans that are baggier around the waist to have that extra room to store my dick in. I’m never naked around the house though. It’s annoying and gets in the way too much: I end up sitting on it or it bounces all over the place when I go up and down the stairs.

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