Sex Life - Interview with a Huge Dick, Part 3

Updated: Mar 13

As can be expected, I get asked about my sex life quite often. Below are some answers to some common questions that I receive on almost a daily basis on social media.

"Can you actually have sex with that?"

The first question I get all the time is, "can you actually have sex?" or some form of that question. The short answer is, yes! But... it takes a LOT of lube and patience between me and her to get something this thick to fit.

"How do women react when they see it for the first time?"

Well, how would you respond if I pulled my pants down and you saw this beast dangling in front of you? Women are unpredictable - a girl who I thought was going to be a slutty fuck actually was the most scared of it, while a girl who I thought was a goody-two-shoes wants to see how much can fit inside her. You never know! Just a side note, revealing it and watching for their reaction is my favorite thing to do! So, I don't talk about it or show off my bulge (on purpose) during a date because, if she gets lucky, I want her to see how truely lucky she got!

"Can you actually fit in to condoms?"

Another common question is about condoms. Do I wear them? Yes - I don't need a kid right now and I don't need an SDI ever. Do they fit? Kinda. I wear Magnums XL's but they are incredibly tight still. But lubing up a condom does seem to make fitting into a woman easier since it's more slippery.

"How often do you have sex?"

One myth about having a huge cock is that you get women all the time and it's easier than if you have an average dick. I get the thinking behind that, but it's not true at all. I've found that women tend to connect with a guy's appearence and personaility - the dick is a bonus. So I usually have sex about 2-3 times a month. I mean, granted, you are going to have your cock sluts who just want to fuck, but finding those type of girls is rare. But I have found some of them... I travel for work and have found a few women around the country who are always down to fuck me. The Internet is a magically place.

Have more questions? Leave them in the comments and maybe I'll make another blog post answering them!

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